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moloko brühling coffee

This year, MOLOKO has teamed up with BRÜHLING and together we are catering twice as good.

We share the idea of sustainability, organic milk and cups, milk alternatives, selected coffees from local roasters and Speciality Coffee quality, even in mobile catering. On request we work with befriended caterers when it comes to sweet or savoury snacks. We only work with fairly paid professionals, so that joy can flow in all directions. We hope you enjoy us again this year!

moloko brühling truck


For gastronomic pleasure and fulfillment, as in the previous year, the Maitre de Cuisine Martin Schanninger and we, the team of Marsha Catering will provide. You will be fully fed and cared for by us, from morning to night, from the taste buds to the brain stem, from the tongue to the stomach, from morning ondulled eggs to a variety various filling and enticing, twirling and twirling, tickling and caressing, naked and veiled, floating-light and placating-grounding foods at midday to hot and cold snacks ‘n pleasures in the evening.

We’ll slide soc stools under sore humps for you. We’ll serve aphrodi-, electri-, and euphoric alchemical mixed drinks from the Sensatonics herbal lab, lemonades and alcoholic revelry.

Eating, snacking, licking, slurping, everything!

Sexy bratwurst, solid bowls, slippery slushies. Count on the maitre! Leave the Tupperware at home!
He has already pre-cooked for you in his head, pre-felt, pre-united what has always been striving towards each other.
Broadside for mGluR4-receptors, which with their outwardly protruding feelers sense the umami coming, trembling. Cascade of chemical signals in the cell. In your cells, xploring in all directions, longing for opening. Fresh wind in the soc palate!

Welcome to Marsha’s Umamiverse!


We, the AnneSchranke team, are looking forward to sweetening your night at the playparty on Sunday.

This year we will be serving hand-picked white, rosé and sparkling wines from the depths of our wine cellar.

In addition, we will once again be offering tasty highballs such as Gin&Tonic, Moscow Mule & Co, which, together with various Spritz variations, will ensure a tingling experience.

Our range is rounded off by non-alcoholic alternatives to the highballs as well as a rich selection of lemonades & other soft drinks.

We source our products mainly from the region, ideally in organic quality.

We and our drinks would like to accompany the evening in the background, so that you can pay as much attention as possible to the essential things of the playparty.

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