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The Xplore Berlin Festival 2023 takes place at Malzfabrik, Bessemerstr. 2-14, D-12103 BERLIN (Schöneberg/Tempelhof).

© 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH
© 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH


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Lageplan Malzfabrik
© 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH

On the premises of Malzfabrik, we have exclusive access to parts of the Alte Mälzerei, the Kachelhaus and the adjoining covered area between the Kachelhaus and the Kellerei.


Keimkasten / © 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH

The two Keimkästen can be found in the Alte Mälzerei. The Role Play Space ( Keimkasten I) and a Workshop Space ( Keimkasten II) are located there.

Kachelhalle / © 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH

The Kachelhaus hosts three workshop spaces (Kachelhalle on the ground floor, Lichtkeller in the basement and Studio on the upper floor) as well as the Silent Space in the attic and the Noises Play Space in the basement (Tankraum).

Tankraum / © 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH
Lichtkeller / © 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH
Studio / © 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH
silent space
attic / © 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH
© 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH

The covered outdoor area hosts the Bodywork Exchange Space with the Massage and Shibari Lounge areas.

outdoor 2
© 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH

Also in the outdoor area, between the Alte Mälzerei and the Kellerei, you will find various festival-related catering options.

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© 2021 | IGG Malzfabrik mbH

The park and all other outdoor areas are open to the public and can also be used by xplore guests.

Unfortunately, there are no overnight accommodations available on the premises.

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