xplore 2023 – THE LAST DANCE

Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost. Pina Bausch stole this saying from a Roma girl. I would rather put it like this: Dance, dance, we are lost anyway.

Wherever you look, violence, greed and stupidity seem to spread unchecked, humanity remains in a state of shock and the end of patriarchy seems to be delayed. The situation is grim. The end is near and pride comes before the fall. 

So let us celebrate and dance in the rain of ashes, let us splash one last time before the rivers dry up. Let’s feel what makes us happy and joyful.

This year xplore is dedicated to the experience of artistic practices. We have invited dancers* as well as visual and sound artists* to stage choreographies and choirs, installations and happenings, body experiences and body images with the xplore guests. We expect strong emotions: End-time spaces and dreams, small escapes, kitschy utopias and ecstatic dystopias!

We want to explore the foundations of creativity and practice both reflective and playful use of space, time and body. We want to invite the xplore audience to learn from the knowledge, but also from the courage, dedication and passion of the invited artists*. We want to show how engaging in artistic practice can have a positive impact on the quality and intensity of s-x positive spaces.

We want attention and determination, boldness and discipline, the courage to feel and express. We want to unleash a wave of creative spirit that will roll from the workshops into the xplore play spaces and inspire your sessions and scenes: seduce your bodies and uplift your souls!

xplore 2023 – the last dance – is an opportunity to gather with us for a special celebration to express pain, sadness and anger – as well as joy, love and lust for life!

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