Aaron Nora

Aaron Nora (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, body worker and social worker. After studying social work with a strong focus on topics such as Gender- and Queer-Theory, discrimination, trauma and theatre education they started creating workshops for young people to help them question their believes regarding gender and sexuality in a playful environment. Quickly they got tired of the mostly educational work and started working as a stripper which allowed them to focus more on art production, dance and performances. In 2019 they moved to Vienna and started studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and became part of the s*x work activists group Red Edition with whom they won the ‚Preis der freien Szene 2022‘ for the piece ‚City of Wh*res‘.

Their interactive, immersive and durational performance works create situations that allow them to explore social dynamics and norms as well as contemporary forms of communication and intimacy. Often they collaborate with other artists or perform for various international artists like SIGNA. Through video, sculpture, sound and body-art their current practice examines identity as fluid tool beyond fixed representation and deals with the alienation of bodies as well as disgust. BDSM and kink play an important role in their practice as body worker as well as in their artistic practice.



What the hell is a cumrug? – Urban Dictionary definition: A cum rag is a device used to catch ejaculation fluid after one. A cum rag is usually an old t-shirt, towel, sock, pretty much anything handy of the sorts. In a typical masturbathon, people will use a cum rug. A cum rug is basically an enlarged cum rag.

Guy: Mom! Did you take my cum rag?
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by LordOhLAWD June 19, 2011

In the 90 min happening the participants are invited to create one big orgiastic painting together. 

It is open to any gender, can be attended with partners or solo, can also turn into an orgy, but you don’t have to interact with others if you don’t want to.

After a brief introduction participants are invited to spread out and find their place on top of a fabric that is covering the floor.

With accompanying music the participants can feel free to move, fuck, pleasure themselves with the goal of producing some sort of body-fluid. Can be squirting, jizzing, peeing, spitting… the fluids should go onto the fabric (in the best case not onto other participants).

Little glasses with color pigments will be provided that the participants can apply on the wet fabric.

The pigments in combination with the fluid will dye the fabric and leave a colored stain. 

After a bit of drying we will have a collective orgiastic pleasure painting.

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