Ambrita Sunshine

Ambrita Sunshine is a Bipoc Queer artist & performer, actively working on both Europe and West Africa scene. Coming through a multidisciplinary path, she trained as a dancer and choreographer creating a fusion between various disciplines that she loves and practiced for a long time, including BDSM, sexual energy awakening practices, tantra, dance, use of sound and voice. She completed a lots of studies in Energy Healing, Esoteric Traditions in West Africa, Dance Rituals & Sciamanism. Ambrita has devoted herself to the research on African movement, specically regarding the ritual dances of the Ivory Coast, achieving two master’s degrees in “Traditional Dances and Esoteric Rituals of the Ivory Coast & West Africa”. Moreover, for a long time she has been working on “Feminin* Power Energy” , a project that starts right from the different dances technics related the liberation and rediscovery of body and feminine energies & state of trance.
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The purpose of this experience we will conduct together, is to work out a rite of passage through our bodies and emotions.

Even as children or teenagers, we spend a good part of our lives living in the ephemeral ideal of ourselves, mostly created by external notions that we integrate as our own. Then, we spend another large part of life trying to process and heal our traumas, as if our shadows are something to be eradicated, with the idea that once this healing is accomplished we will discover who we really are.
I deeply believe that our shadows are part of who we are. Pains, traumas and fears are part of our journey, and in order to find who we are deeply, we should first integrate these shadows and make them an integral, accepted and loved part of us.

In this experience I would like to guide you through the journey of mourning, a magical rite of passage in which we let go of the old image of us to open a new space and explore how we can be.
We will work with our bodies through movement, dance, breath and voice creating a Magical Ritual that will come from our heart and soul to guide us in our experience of exploration, love and surrender.

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