Birgit & Gero

Birgit loves to accompany people on their path and to their very own nature and sincerity. On the one hand, she uses bodywork (Rolfing® method, a deep fascial work that trains self-awareness and lets you recognise and feel patterns, uplifts ….) and creates spaces of possibility and experience for a life in contact with yourself and with other people and your environment – spaces for conscious BEING.

Her knowledge is the result of her lived experiences with others, she is a master who practices, is fascinated by the numerous possibilities that we humans can create with each other and feels nourished when her counterpart meets her honestly – this is where intimacy arises, this is where a dance of aliveness begins. Let us dance together.

Gero is life-explorer, father of 3, communication and relationship coach as well as Possibility Management Trainer. He is co-founder of ‘The Art of Relating’ and initiator of ‘Reclaiming Anger’, a transformative programme for conscious anger work.
Originally born and raised in Germany, he has also spent 20 years of his life working in Australia. He sees himself as a bridge builder in this fragmented time. What can an AND look like again and again – with all the individuality, creativity and the different visions of our search for love …?
His concern is to contribute to more presence, flow and aliveness, and to discover the world in its diversity and uniqueness again and again.


DANGEROUSLY HONEST – The Keys to Intimacy

In this space we playfully approach our limits and use the spices of the last hour:
Authenticity . Mindfulness . Trust . Visibility . Deceleration . responsibility . Self-awareness . Silence . Breathing . Self-Regulation . Courage
What do you need to be an active, unique piece of the overall puzzle on this Xplore?
It is not possible to know the results before experiencing them – and so we invite you to the experience of your most sincere expression in togetherness.
Today we will grow up.
Maybe tomorrow the world will already end …
Would you like to create this last dance together?
We accompany you into contact, with yourself and with your counterpart, let yourself be touched and surprised.

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