Concept 2021

Liberté, Egalité, Sexualité

I hear that 2020 will be the tipping point, the decisive year… Green New Deal? Bernie for President? Tesla in Brandenburg? Is humanity still salvageable? Is the sex-positive movement also a political movement? Can it contribute to a more loving society, to greater environmental care? 

I believe so. The sexual is not private, the sexual is political.

An advanced society 

  • acknowledges that sexual fulfillment, emotional security and social connectedness contribute significantly to happiness in life.
  • propagates qualities such as openness, honesty, empathy, acceptance and solidarity.
  • sees the necessity of cultivating sexual impulses and does not leave the field of sexuality to the free market.
  • cares about the love-happiness of people and promotes the sexual development of all individuals, as well as the acceptance of all sexual identities and orientations.
  • invests in education that focuses on the sexual body and dispels ignorance and myths.
  • promotes all consensual forms of relationship and partnership.
  • creates spaces in which physical and emotional awareness, communication and creativity are taught and in which love and relationship are explored.
  • opens learning places where sensual and sexual techniques are made accessible.

A new sexual culture is therefore necessary 

  • to strengthen community and to better understand love and relationships
  • to combat sexism and prevent violence and abuse
  • to enable sexual fulfillment and to reduce consumption and substitutions
  • to deconstruct gender stereotypes and to support personal empowerment
  • to expand and spread sexual knowledge and to encourage us to be complete sexual beings.

The Xplore 2020 programme will invite politicians to interrogate them about these issues and will present existing models of sex positive communities. It will offer workshops and happenings dedicated to group dynamics, collective consciousness and social interaction. The mechanisms of power, the game of power relations will be explored, gender struggle, gender reconciliation and gender dissolution will be addressed.

Xplore for Future

We ask all participants to travel in a climate-neutral way and to travel by train, bus or carpool or to pay compensation for air travel C02 equivalent. We will pay a flat-rate CO2 compensation of 10 EUR / 400 kg for each guest and each employee used for the planting of trees:

 Welcome to our playground!

 Felix Ruckert, January 2020

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