Daphne Rara

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Daphne Rara (Chiara branca) is a performer, movement teacher and artivist from Rome. Since 2019 She teaches twerk as a way to empower women . She last summer she brought her twerkshop to the vagina felice festival and now she is in the organizational committee for this year’s edition. She carries on several projects like her newborn FIERE, a two girls queer and feminist cabaret show.



It’s a kind of bodywork focusing on pelvic awareness. Hips and knees are stimulated in a sexy and fun way to dance rooted in ancient African tradition that became nowadays very popular as twerk.

Mostly, it’s a means of empowerment. It’s the opportunity to play with your sensual self .



Fatness – and non-conformingness –  can actually be read as a subset of queerness. And as non-conforming and fat bodies are not supposed to be sexy or sexual, any sexual practice involving them is queer – and revolutionary.
(LeBesco, Revolting Bodies, 2004)

As non-conforming bodies, we are all political activists , as the personal is extremely political.
But maybe we don’t always want to be brave and political. We just want to be appreciated as we are, and stop worrying about being unacceptable.

How do we feel safe, accepted and sexy in our non-conforming bodies?

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