Diego Tigrotto

Diego Tigrotto (he/she) is the co-founder of the Cultural Association La Tana Libera Tutt*, dedicated to spreading sex-positive values in Rome, through experiential meetings that are based on learnings from Tantra, BDSM, Polyamory, Trans Queer Feminism and Post-Porn paths. He has adopted from the Burning Man Festival the principle of radical expression and wears animal onesies daily. Tigrotto has recently finished a course at the Institute of Clinical Sexology to become a Sex Educator and is travelling to various festival presenting the Sex Positive Tarot deck.


So much to explore!

Diego Tigrotto is an artivist in Rome and with the help of the tarologist Libera created a tarot deck that sheds light on the magic of sexual expression. It contains 80 original works by 35 international artists: 22 Major Arcana, transpositions of the Marseilles tarot, 56 Minor Arcana based on four suits (No Judgment, Consent, Awareness and Pleasure) and two extra cards. The illustrations keep the traditional symbols so the deck can be used for tarot readings.

The reading sessions can be individual or for partners and last 5-10 min. To begin, the consultant asks a question about relationships, sex life, emotional or physical issues. Then the cards are shuffled and 3 cards from the deck are chosen. The first represents the current state on the matter, the second the block that could be present and the third a suggestion to unlock the situation.

The Sex Positive Tarot does not predict the future. The cards laying on the table can be used as a projection of the experiences of the consultant and bring out aspects that were not clear before, seeing things from another point of view. Using intuition and empathic listening, the reader doesn’t have a directive attitude, to allow the creation of a new awareness together.

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