Janina Vivianne & Ollie Dieleman

janine vivianne

Janina Vivianne (she/her) is a sex-positive activist and event organizer. She is working in Europe to spread sex – & body-positivity and awareness regarding consent, accountablity & safer sex . She is also the creator of The Parallel Universe – An Adult Playground and Festival of Sensations. 2018 she co-founded Sex-Aware – a Safer Sex Association to promote sexual health, tests, and disease prevention. She is in orga team of The Intimate Revolution festival, a sex-positive, kink-loving festival. The Sex-positive Community Europe project is a platform for information about sex-positivity in all of Europe where Janina is involved since 2018.


ollie dielemann

Ollie Dieleman (Ollie/they/he) has been organizing multiple Sex-Positive events for the last decade, ranging from lectures to workshops to play parties. Co-founding Sex-Positive Belgium in 2014, Ollie stewarded this community until 2020. Currently, Ollie focuses on community accountability, communication- & transformation processes and capacity building to support groups & individuals.



The Fruits of Passion – a SAFER SEX Workshop

Be sex-aware! Everything you need to know about the STARS talk, Safer sex  & STIs ! A Safer Sex Workshop where we will explore the ways how to make safer sex sexy and share tools how to communicate more empowered about your wishes and desires.  We create safeR taboo-free spaces in which the safer sex topic is placed in the center and can be addressed openly. We inform, advise, and educate about sexual health in a playful way. We show safer sex tools on fruits like dental dams, condoms flavours, the Femidom, gloves, & different lubes. 



worksheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16-RBtHiFtFm5I01R6J14mDxT8VGAOUO_-unNzGOqZ08/edit?usp=sharing



A guided workshop where we get to slowly explore how we can connect with ourselves as well as others. We’ll play with a variety of different materials, tools and our own body to influence our interactions. Without rushing, we’ll focus on our bodily sensations and practice consent in our interactions with others as well as towards ourselves. Come and discover some feelings and sensations!

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