Jürgen Grözinger

As a multi-percussionist, composer, DJ and designer of festival and radio programmes, Jürgen Grözinger moves between classical music, contemporary music in its various forms as well as improvisation and experimental aesthetics. In doing so, he seeks intellectual reflection and physical-sensual experience. He wants to invite his He wants to invite his audience to join him in continually new adventures in the experience of sound and rhythm, of colour and structure. He is concerned with the creation and experience of musical spaces, far removed from categories such as genre and epoch, from positions and pigeonholes. His basic approach is interdisciplinary and inclusive.




50 TRIANGLES – a sonic landscape

A workshop on creating a sound(ing) space, filled with our bodies and emotions. We will explore using our voices + 50 triangles as our musical tools – to help us enhance our sensitivity, develop discipline in various forms, experience strict forms vs letting loose (improvisation) and approach an artistic process with creativity and authenticity. It´s all about RESONANCE (body-emotions-material-space-mind).

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