Juliette Dragon

Juliette Dragon has been a performer for 30 years. Her background is in dance, comedy, martial arts, directing, pyrotechnics, feminism, women’s art therapy and essentially stripping and burlesque cabaret.

Her performances and stagings question the art of seduction and the representation of the female gender. She has been teaching cabaret disciplines in Paris for 15 years in her School of Filles de Joie, a pioneering structure in France. 

She teaches throughout Europe, in the USA, China and Australia. All her workshops are fun and joyful, offering great empowerment for everyone, regardless of gender.


NEW BURLESQUE WORKSHOP: Strip tease & Cabaret dance on High Heels

In feminist literature, we see that our whole heteropatriarchal-capitalist-western-urban society is based on the masculine as a norm. Feminine norms are constructed from scratch in opposition to this natural masculinity. All the female codes of seduction are anti-natural, painful and uncomfortable: lose weight, stay young, wax, walk in high heels, play the female object, don’t make noise, don’t take up space, don’t disturb men, serve them, please them. This workshop aims to study all these codes of seduction socially imposed on women to reappropriate them, play with them, free themselves from them and laugh about them. Anger does not solve anything, humor and creativity change the world. Let’s take confidence in ourselves to free ourselves.

We will study different archetypes: the retro pin-up, soft vulnerable prey; the femme fatale, dangerous predator. Each one has her own way of standing, walking, talking, seducing. 
We will act and dance to the rhythm of the character. This gives a lot of material for the play roles. It is playful and funny. Jubilant and liberating. 

All genders are welcome: men, women, non-binary.
Bring a pair of high heels and gloves if you have them.

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