Lorrianne (she/her) has been encouraging mischief in London’s queer sex and intimacy exploration scene for some 10+ years, inhabiting spaces as a performer, educator, event team member and general creature of the hidden spaces. She is often found creating experiential intimate performances and installations at a variety of events, making spaces for denizens to experience themselves through a new lens, coloured by playfulness, absurdity and ritual delight. 

With her insight gained from her current work as a pro-domme, and some time ago as a pro-sub, she has also shared a number of educational workshops at events such as Kinky Salon, Summerhouse Weekend, Pinky Promise, Schwelle. They have ranged from spaces exploring the practical skills behind BDSM, to the dynamics, embodiment and uncovering of desire and fantasy through play.

Calling on the energy of skill, sensual presence and utter silliness, to explore the eroticism and absurdity of being here in the human experience, underpins all that she creates.



Creatures, wild beasts, and feral explorers, I wish to share with you a space for play. To shake out our body stories and feel into playful pleasure with a wriggle and a roar. To taste our bodies anew as the wild feeling beings that we are, speaking from the body first. To step out of the worn out patterns of our pleasure expressions, and play with our sensual joy, without having to make it pretty.

Through guided physical games and play we will invite our inner creature out to play, unashamed and curious. We will follow our magnificent monsters into their sensual honesty, and see what they can teach us about pleasure and desire.

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