Lynx & Zafiro

Lynx is a Trans* non binary dancer, a creator, a D.O. osteopath, and a practitioner of BDSM. He trained as a contemporary dancer and in 2023 completed his diploma in Osteopathy at the Argentine School of Osteopathy. He also pursued a postgraduate degree in Therapeutic Body Techniques at Salvador University. His main interest lies in researching the intersection between sexuality and dance, linking therapeutic body techniques and osteopathic tools with the sensory experiences in the fields of dance and BDSM. He develops practices of encounter in his creations, primarily focusing on processes, performative conferences, and laboratories. He is part of two artistic research collectives that are contra-sexual and dissident: “Consorcio Feminista,” with which he develops territorial and site-specific works that circulate in unconventional spaces, and “conspira proyecto,” alongside Zafiro Grossi, with whom he performatically investigates shibari and BDSM through the construction of rituals of intimacy, pleasure, and care. He is involved in the Osteopathy Cyborg project, exploring the possible connections between queer theory, osteopathy, and dance. This involves exploring the heterogeneities of our queer natures through somatic explorations of anatomical connections and osteopathic touches. He is the coordinator of the Itinerant Movement Forum and the Residencia del Río in Diamante, Entre Ríos. He has participated in artistic residencies and creative processes in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Germany, and Austria. He is also a member of the aerial dance company Brenda Angiel, touring in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Zafiro is a Rigger, a Performer, a Stylist, a Designer and a Visual and Audiovisual Artist. He is a 30-year-old non-binary trans person from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied clothing design and worked as a costume designer for theater and cinema productions. He pursued audiovisual arts at the Universidad Nacional de Arte. In 2018, he created and directed “GULA,” his first experimental pornographic short film exploring unconventional erotic practices involving food. He has also worked as an art director in several films. Since 2014, he has been working as a professional stylist, providing image consulting and urban styling for photo shoots, theater productions, film projects, and TV shows. He has been an active member of the BDSM community since 2012 and has been studying shibari since 2018. He actively participates in rope labs and offers private sessions. Since 2019, he has been researching and collaborating with Lynx Tironi, performing erotic shows in different dissident cultural spaces in Argentina. They develop various shibari and BDSM practices that explore the eroticism that materials give off, through sensory tests that blur the boundaries of the body and identity. He is part of the Proyecto Conspira collective, with whom he performed the play “Prácticas para la supervivencia” in 2021. It was a shibari performance experience that received the creation grant and project completion grant from the National Fund for the Arts. The play was staged for two seasons.



Ritual of collective death is a community space of practices focused on death that challenges the idea that dying is a solitary process and proposes to surrender together to the detention that dying implies. Through a queer perspective, we explore the suspension of time as we practice closeness in a collective mummification in which we come together to hold our bodies, invoking their stillness. In this pause where notions of time and control are diluted, we can enter the unknown with others. We are sharing the experience of dying together.

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