Matthias & Jana

matthias gockel

Matthias Gockel is a doctor who spends the year working full-time with endings and finitude, and is using Xplore to try something completely different: Beginnings.

Remembering his own irritation and speechlessness at his first Xplore and motivated by Jana’s support, he is trying to make it easier this year for first-time explorers to get started.


Jana is an apocryphal magic fairy with a strong tendency to do nothing. But she renounces this for the duration of xplore: she holds the room in Insecurity Space and assists Matthias in his workshop for xplore newcomers.

Her many years of experience as a systemic family therapist and her clear memory of her own confusing early years in the Schwelle7-universe qualify her for this.


FIRST TIME AT XPLORE? Single at xplore?

Xplore is a playground, an experiment, a journey of discovery outside the everyday and the familiar, where the usual rules of polite distance and non-committal coexistence are temporarily suspended. This freedom can also be exhausting and unsettling, especially when you are new to the playground and everyone else seems to move like fish in water.

This year, in this workshop for first-time Xplore visitors, we try to make the playground more familiar, the courage and social toolbox bigger, and getting to know each other easier.

It’s an invitation, not an obligation….

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