Red Rubber Road

Red Rubber Road is a photographic and performative collaboration by the artist duo AnaHell (Berlin) and Nathalie Dreier (Zürich) established in 2015. With their bodies, they compose reflections on the ephemeral nature of identity and the boundaries of the self within relationships – the stages in close bonding where entities and identities mingle to the point that their existences blur and their own borders disappear. Red Rubber Road has exhibited their work at international Photo Festivals and galleries such as Fotogalerie Friedrichshain (Berlin, Germany), Verzasca Foto Festival (Verzasca, Switzerland), Insight Photo Festival (Varese, Italy), In-Corpus Festival (Arles, France) and Biennale Internationale de Photographie (Clermont-Ferrand, France). Their work was shortlisted for the BUP book award and they were finalists at HYÈRES 36 International Festival of Fashion & Photography. Their photographs have been published in books and magazines including New Queer Photography (Verlag Kettler), LF Magazine, The Opera Magazine and FishEye Magazine and it is part of the collection of the Schwules Museum (Berlin, Germany).



Participants will join us in using our bodies to create momentary sculptures that we may or may not capture in images. Our collective bodies will become an entity, physically being in contact with others, or also detached, in order to create something beautiful that goes beyond the individual.

Interaction, body awareness and conscious passiveness are some keywords for the event. Participants should be comfortable with being nude and with being in contact with other naked people.

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