W i n t e r

W i n t e r (They/Them) is a ritual practitioner, sex working activist & vocal performance artist creating work on queer desire and exploring the transformative power of the collective body through co-created art practices. Working as both a pro-domme & operatic fetish performer for the last ten years led them to studying the somatics beyond BDSM, and the culturally repressed relationship the west has with voice and expressing sexuality. They have performed internationally at Torture Garden, Cabaret Bizarre, ZDR, Wave-Gotik-Treffen & Fetish Evolution. In 2020 they became qualified in trauma informed group facilitation to better serve queer sex positive spaces in London. In June 2021 they worked as porn intimacy co-ordinator for Erika Lust’s Production: The Listener. Winter dedicates their collective work through magical practices with a ritualistic approach in order to draw out the healing power of shared resonance.

Instagram: @glassforbrains



VOCALISING QUEER RESONANCE: a series of ritual workshops

What desire lays dormant in the body because we cannot speak to it, or speak about it? From blocked areas of pleasure to dissociation;  our sexualised identity can often be masked by years of being conditioned into binaries that don’t honour the many facets of the queer body. This series of workshops in 3 parts aims to take the individual on a journey of discovering their voice through gentle somatic movement, breathwork and vocal work, before exploring how the collective body vocalises desire together.  Participants do not need to have singing or vocal experience, but there will be an opportunity to take part in the final performance ritual if attending part 3. 

Part 1: Identity Beyond The Binary: Somatic Breathwork & The Resonant Body (90 mins)

Part 2: How Does Queer Desire Sound? An Embodied Vocal Practice (90 mins)

Part 3: The Collective Resonant Body : A Naked Ritual Drone Performance (90 mins)

Ritual Performance (20 mins)

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