micha stella

Micha is a Berlin-based, French-Italian, queer artist, mother and filmmaker. They moved from Paris to Berlin, in 2008, which they considers to be their homeland. In their work, they explore creative collective processes, gender, sexuality, activism, love and relationships, with an ironic, erotic and feminist point of view.

They research in Creative Processes and different body practices as yoga, dance, meditation, fasting, hypnosis & facilitate workshops combining acting techniques and conscious body-mind, gender fluidity, personal growth, sexual empowerment, consent and conscious kink.

Micha is creative co-director and consultant at IKSK (Institute for body research and sexual culture of Berlin) where she teaches regular classes as : Creative Mornings, Sexual Empowerment, Girls with cocks and Creative Playfight, as well as weekend retreat and immersive play spaces. Micha starts to tour with the Creative Morning class in different city as Milano, Madrid and they will go soon in Dublin and Budapest.

Micha believes that troughs Creative & Collective processes with our conscious body-mind-soul, it is possible to survive patriarchy and to transform violent, traumatic and sex negative upbringing into a joyful path of recovery.Micha is convinced that by coming together, with all our differences, with Radical Honesty, Radical Listening and Radical Empathy, we can set the path that leads to a world where all being can be happy and free.


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