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sarah koenig

Sarah Koenig/Sako is an acupuncturist, holistic somatic practitioner and massage therapist at IKSK, the Berlin institute for sexual culture and body research. As facilitator, Sako creates workshops, performances and events within the spectrum of Movement&Play. Her focus lies on the usage of commmunication and connection. She is an ex pirate tantric and the founder of Project Playground, a collective dedicated to the art of play.


LYING DOWN – the art of resting

The last years had an effect of breathing through every day routines and confronted us with many times unwanted pauses and moments of rest. Pausing work – social connections – physical touch – and bodies demanding rest. How can we re-anchor in the nutritious qualities of rest – being passive – simply lying down? Breaking from linear and vertical timeshapes can also be a possibility of expansion – Lying down to expand in horizontal spaces. These two experiences are an excursion to the “horizontal form of life” ( B.Brunner: Die Kunst des Liegens) -one in vibrating stillness – one in lines of movement.

I LYING IN COMFORT – a collective rest in breathing sound: Berlin is such a loud – constant moving – raving and fast breathing organism – confronting FoMO fears of missing out. In the midst of everything going on – we take a break for 90 minutes. How do we find comfort in resting collectively? This is a guided score of stillness – changing into another resting position every 7 minutes. Slowly we’ll then be transitioning into a state of breathing sound, sharing intimacy in slow micro movements, echoing through a larger collective body. Techniques being used derive from Continuum Movement and Middendorf Breathing.

II LYING IN LINES OF NETWORKS – flowing into meridian lines: How can we illustrate connections within our bodies and in space? Just like the geographic coordination passages, our inner body landscapes contain energetic longitudes, which can be measured and traced: 12 meridian lines. All of them express and transport different qualities of connection and life vitality. Starting and ending in energetic space constellations we’ll be tracing all those magical points and intersections of energy streams in an experimental score, marking them with paint on the body. Bringing our body lines together we will be giving visibility to connections in a slow-motion contact jam: Flowing into meridian systems, weaving networks, beyond our skin and into space.

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