Seani Love

seani love

Seani Love is a discreet, professional, fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who works with intimacy, conscious kink and other forms of ritual sexuality.

Seani loves exploring the dark places of the human shadow as much as the light. His skill is in taking my clients and groups on journeys into bliss, surrender and empowerment and self-love.

He was UK sex worker of the year 2015 and made his film debut in Adina Pintilie’s Touch Me Not which went on to win Best Film at the Berlinale International Film Festival in 2018.



This is a wonderful workshop for someone coming to their first sexuality workshop, or for people who had a break for a few years (don’t mention the pandemic)We are going to practice basic consent and boundaries exercises – asking for permission to touch others; we will practice saying ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘maybe’… learning to recognize a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ inside our own bodies.
The goal is for all people to learn very basic but essential consent and boundaries skills. How to say YES, NO, THANK YOU and how to ask for consent. How to find our own boundaries. How to assert them gracefully. We all have to learn how to hear the word ‘no’ without it causing distress. These are vital life skills that everyone should have and the effect of learning this extends beyond sexuality and into all aspects of life.



Welcome to the sweet sweet comfort of being owned by another person. Finally you can release all the pressure from having to make difficult decisions as you deliberately hand your power over to somebody else. They will take care of you, keep you safe, and ensure your boundaries are never crossed. All they ask for in return is your complete surrender body and soul.

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