Swen Brandy


– Kink Artist & Former Competition Martial Artist –

Swen Brandy is a 45-year-old artist and photographer from South Germany, Stuttgart. In his practice of playshooting, he combines BDSM, fetish, and sex-positive scenarios with photography and film, often resulting in personal challenges and intense experiences for the model(s).

His core topics include the creation of body- and mind-challenges, impact play, rough-body play, play-fighting, body mechanics, as well as the design of creative play scenarios for private or professional use.

Aside from his shootings, he works as a communication designer and passes his knowledge as a kink educator.


„EMOTIONAL” PROJECT – xplore special

The interactive project “Emotional – Xplore special” is derived from Swen Brandy’s actual Emotional Project. It’s about creating authentic emotions or making yourself available as an object for creation. This is an interactive video project in which only the facial expressions and not the action as such is recorded. Xplore participants can participate actively and passively.

More explanations will follow at the festival.

Streaming “Emotional – a moment full of emotions”

The project is shown at regular intervals at Xplore using a projector.

The project “Emotional – a moment full of emotions” is intended to show the variety of emotions, especially from the point of view of non-verbal communication. Authentic, unfiltered emotions enable us to get in touch with ourselves and with other people. In our everyday life, however, we have learned to hide or control the expression of certain feelings. This control is shed for a moment as the protagonists show their authentic, emotional selves. An important focus was also on diversity, i.e. that people of different age groups, body types, and ethnicity are portrayed. Their expressions were captured in photos and short video clips. The presentation of the photo and video material aims to ensure that viewers are confronted with authentic, unfiltered emotional expressions over a longer period of time – a situation that rarely occurs in everyday life. In this way, everyone can feel and explore for themselves what prolonged viewing of these expressions triggers in them.


Official Photographer of Xplore Berlin 2022

Swen Brandy is photographing Xplore Berlin this year, capturing the holistic artistic and intimate atmosphere without being too documentary.

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