Tua & Lea

Tua has been intensively involved with BDSM since 1990. Several publications of stories and photos in the SM magazine headlines, collaboration on the SM handbook and author of the short story collection “Naughty – intimate experiences of a TV maid”
He took part in Felix Ruckert’s performances “United Kingdom” in 2006 in Tacheles in the footwashers’ guild and “SM – Sensual Magic” in 2016 in Schwelle 7 and worked in the playspaces “Guru Supermarket”, “Monsters & Demons” and “The School” of Love “at the Xplore Festival Berlin from 2016 to 2018. Together with his wife Rosa, he has led workshops at the Xplores in Rome, Barcelona and Berlin since 2015 on topics such as “Golden Shower”, “Tail dressage” and “Embrace your inner slut”. After Rosa’s death and his heart attack, he deals intensively with old age and death and grief, related to BDSM. Together with Lea, his new partner, he will lead several workshops at this year’s Xplore Berlin.

Lea, from Lower Saxony, completed a Diploma in Administration and Management and worked over a decade in a bureau before she began to experience herself and Berlin with it’s kinky side. During her exploration she made many intrinsic experiences in Energy Work, different self awareness skills and bodywork-techniques like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Contact Improvisation, BDSM and much more… 

Her second life started with studying Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology – becoming an Alternative Healer, followed by studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Western Herbology and various Therapeutic Techniques/Psychotherapy. Meanwhile she is a Sexologist (Sexocorporel Method). Last year workshops about self-care and self-compassion were important, this year talking about sexuality radically honest and playful BDSM are the current topics.

The combination of her well established medical knowledge, having a versatile sex-life and the desire to vitalize the sexual entity residing in others, inspired her to originate her own counselling establishment with a focus on sexuality and teaching sexual techniques.

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