Shadow specializes in projects and workshops focused on presence, self-awareness and subtle interactions, based on the physical and energy principles of taijiquan, and our natural link to Nature. She works with energy, natural sounds, bodies and minds in open-minded and experimental ways.



Using the simplicity of imagination, observation and listening this morning class introduces exercises to establish an unadulterated awakening for your Self, and a pure and unambiguous interconnectivity with others.  

With the aim to bring you whole and real into the festival, Shadow and Rebecca combine forces for the second year running to launch you into the last dance.  A transition from the individual into the communal, this slow, deep morning meditation uses emerging theory from neuroscience and psychology to inspire exercises of observation, interoception and exteroception that appreciate the aptitude to tune into our own bodily signals and to those of others.  By strengthening the fundamental sense of body ownership and the related sense of agency, we endorse empathy, elucidate illusion, and eventually move together towards the common beat. 

time: Friday & Saturday & Sunday / 11:00 – 12:30 in the BODY WORK EXCHANGE / MASSAGE SPACE



massage space

Shadow is the artistic director of the xplore Body Work Exchange / Massage Space.

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